Monday, 26 April 2010

It is Possible.

Last night at FCBC we took a step of faith and joined together with some of the churches in the city centre to hold a combined interdenominational worship service.  We had the help of the Downtown Christian Center Worship Team to lead worship. A new experience for our team who are very structured.

It was a great evening with the church full at the bottom and about twenty people in the balcony. The hard work now is taking the dream forward of an evening service catering for the student and youth of the inner city or Southernwood.  It can be done with God's help and our obedience.

We look forward to the future.

The worship team

The congregation

Worshipping together.

The band.
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  1. In 2003 I was youth pastor at a church in NC and every month the youth ministries from a bunch of different churches throughout the neighboring towns would get together. We would do a huge inter-denominational youth-led youth service. It was always amazing to see the different youth ministries come together.