Saturday, 14 November 2009

The Brooklyn Tabernacle and Prayer

At First City Baptist, East London, South Africa we have been working through pastor Jim Cymbala's  video series on prayer.  It has been good and the stories and history of the church are fantastic.  I still find prayer and interesting topic and believe the transformation that happened at this church was the result of the following things:

  • People prayed in unity for the same things.
  • People prayed selflessly leaving their particularly agenda at the entrance to the prayer meeting.
  • People prayed in humility trusuting that God word do more than they could ask or think.
  • People prayed understanding that they would have to be part of the answer to prayer.
  • People prayed a God sized dream and then let God begin to work.
  • People prayed and began to plan so they were ready to work when God began move.
  • People prayed and were not surprised when God started to answer.
  • People prayed and understood that hard work would be involved as God strarted to answer.
I Look forward to talking with God and with like minded people who have the Kingdom at heart and want to see there community changed to show a small portion of the Kingdom here on earth as it is heavan.

If God can do it in Brooklyn He can definately do more than we can ask or imagine here in East London, South Africa.

Are we ready and willing to work with God.

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