Monday, 07 July 2008

A Travel Prayer.

We went on holiday this past week and really did not have a very good time. We rolled our car on a gravel road very close to nowhere. One of the things that I became aware of was that we did not prayer for safety and journey mercies before we left.
This left me with the following question though. What if we had prayed before we left and asked for safety and journey mercies but were still involved in the accident? How would this affect my faith?
I must say I am far more comfortable with a God who saw fit to deliver us from the valley of the shadow of death because he chose to. Not because we tried to manipulate with standard travel prayer and expect everything to be alright.
We had a great day and could only marvel at the way God provided after the accident in many and varied ways. God does answer prayer but I am not so sure about the standard travel prayer that many of us prayer.

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