Tuesday, 18 March 2008

The Women at the Well.

I am not sure if you know the story in the Bible about the woman that Jesus speaks to at the well. He makes a real impact on her by telling her the story of her life, which at the end of the day makes a tremendous impact on her life.
I have to say that I had a similar experience at the airport the other day returning from Durban. I tried to arrive a little earlier to see if I could get a earlier plane home and also because many of the people that I would have like to have seen were just not able to meet at short notice next time I travel I will make better arrangements.
I was in a desperate need for a cup of coffee so I sat at the first available table at the House of Coffee at the Durban Airport and ordered a cup of strong coffee. Opened my laptop to see if I could get a free connection to check e-mail. The man at the next table asked if there was a connection. I said there was only to discover that you had to pay once you were connected.
To cut a long story short the stranger at the table next to me started a conversation and in no time at all the three hour wait that I had was over and I was ready to board the plane.
During this time the I found out that the stranger was not really a stranger but also a follower of Jesus and it was quite amazing the connection that was made. I was able to share some of the hurts and struggles that I have had over the past year and he was able to speak into my life in a tremendous way.
I left the table to make my to the check in feeling a little like the woman that Jesus spoke to at the well all those years ago.
I will try and look for the opportunities in those time when we have to wait to make a difference in someones life just as the stranger did in the airport in Durban with me.

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