Saturday, 10 November 2007

"Jim & Casper Go To Church" by Jim Henderson & Matt Casper Post # 2

I found this comment rather interesting in the book and I thought I would share it on the blog. I am sure if we all took this kind of attitude the world and Christianity would be better off.

Defending the Space: From Debate to Dialogue

Debate is about humiliating your opponent. That's defending the faith.

Dialogue is about inviting your new friend into conversation. That's defending the space.

Jesus was a master dialogist (an expert in dialogue). He didn't use power to overcome; he used kindness to overwhelm.

Defending the space happens when listening trumps talk and reflection trumps reactivity.

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  1. Another project from the Jim and Casper duo - they have recently launched It is a new website ran by a team including a former Pastor and a current Duke Divinity student that allows church seekers and members to rate and discuss their experiences at churches all across the country.

    ChurchRater is a combination of things: it's 'Yelp' for churches where visitors can rate and discuss their experiences at church, but it's also a social network for church goers and seekers, too, a place where people can dialog about their faith and their lives.